The new coronavirus combined with influenza detection, clinical significance is clear the next tuyere!

coronavirusIn recent years, with the global outbreak of SARS, MERS, H1N1(2009) and various avian influenza outbreaks, China began to pay more attention to the detection of respiratory viruses, followed by a series of single or multiple detection products for viruses were approved on the market. Previously, there have been a number of articles on the technical and commercial aspects of respiratory virus nucleic acid polyscreening products. This article hopes to make some superficial analysis from the perspective of clinical significance.

1.Mortality and morbidity of influenza and COVID-19

Among the airborne infectious diseases listed by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, respiratory viruses mainly include novel coronavirus, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, SARS, influenza A (H1N1), highly pathogenic human avian influenza and influenza. The symptoms of the above virus infections are similar to some extent, and the infection rate of COVID-19 and Influenza is the highest at present (87,071 COVID-19 and 1,145,278 Influenza in 2020).

2.Current clinical diagnosis and treatment of influenza and COVID-19

Secondly, through the recent investigation of many clinicians in the clinic of onset fever, it is often necessary to identify common cold, influenza and COVID-19 as three common respiratory infections in the clinic.

In the early stage of infection, the clinical symptoms of the three are highly similar, but the treatment plan is not the same. The common cold can be caused by rhinovirus, coronavirus, parainfluenza virus, syncytial virus and other viruses. The general symptoms are relatively mild, and the clinical support treatment is usually adopted, and the patient has a good prognosis.However, the complications caused by COVID-11 and influenza infection are more similar in high-risk groups, which can cause systemic symptoms and even death. Therefore, there are clear clinical treatment plans for the infection of these two viruses.Thanks to many years of in-depth research on influenza virus by clinicians, researchers and enterprises, effective antiviral drugs such as oseltamivir phosphate and other neuraminidase inhibitors have been widely used in the early treatment of influenza virus.

Other studies have shown that novel coronavirus attacks human alveolar wall type II cells, and the main location of influenza virus infection and replication is also human alveolar wall type II cells. There may be synergistic effects between the two viruses in the pathophysiology and other aspects.

Therefore, early identification and identification of influenza virus and novel coronavirus for patients, doctors and prevention and control departments are crucial.

coronavirus -1

At the beginning of the outbreak, during the flu season, no matter in the outbreak or outside of hubei province, wuhan is a new merger with flu infections, merge infection clinical manifestations of heavier, longer duration of development for the higher risk of severe, need to increase the corresponding antiviral drug treatment, and pay close attention to any changes.

Accordingly, in epidemic situation sends out after epidemic situation period, especially in traditional influenza high hair season, it is necessary to undertake joint detection to influenza virus and novel coronavirus, differentiate diagnosis in time, identify combined infection, take targeted treatment measure as soon as possible.

Post time: Jul-12-2021