For chronic hepatitis B carriers , regular check-ups are necessary

Hepatitis B as a major liver disease in some country, what should be paid attention to during the examination for chronic hepatitis B carriers and Hepatitis B? Let’s talk about this topic today. For chronic hepatitis B carriers, treatment is useless, but regular inspections are indeed necessary because their liver function is normal, there are no clinical symptoms, and the virus is stable; but it takes decades for the hepatitis B virus in the body to be eliminated.

For chronic hepatitis B carriers,if the patient are more than 40 years old, liver function needs to be checked every six months, HBsAg total quantification and HBsAg quantification needs to be checked once every three to five years. If patients are less than 40 years old,need to check liver function, hepatobiliary b-ultrasound, and alpha-fetoprotein every six months, and check hepatitis B virus quantification, HBsAg quantification, HBeAg quantification, and liver fibrosis scan every one to two years. For Hepatitis B, liver function, b-ultrasound, and alpha-fetoprotein need be checked every six months; HBsAg quantification and liver fibrosis need be checked every one to two years; Hepatitis B surface antigen quantification and liver fibrosis scans need to be checked once every one to two years.

Hepatitis B

Post time: Jun-28-2021