Development and evaluation of colloidal gold immunochromatographic strip for broad spectrum detection of Salmonella.

A new method of the side stream immunochromatography was developed to detect Salmonella in the field and quickly. A monoclonal antibody (mAb) 1B4 was prepared for detection of Salmonella by colloidal gold ICTs. Monoclonal antibody (mAb) 1B4 was used as the capture antibody because it can match itself to form a sandwich detection platform. This colloidal gold ICTs has high sensitivity, and 18 Salmonella species can be detected, and there is no cross reaction with E.coli. This reaction can be seen by the naked eye in 15 minutes, and the paper will greatly improve Salmonella detection. The sensitivity of the strip is 4 × 105 cfu/ml for s, the minimum limit of Salmonella in food is 1 cfu/ml, the test strip detected 18 laboratory stays of Salmonella, and the result was obtained within 5-15 min. in short, this ICTs was highly sensitive, could detect a variety of Salmonella, and did not cross react with non-Salmonella specifications, Therefore, the monoclonal antibody against Salmonella was developed and the colloidal gold ICTs was developed to detect it with high specificity, reproducibility and stability. This, coupled with its simple use and rapid detection, does not require complex equipment or expertise, but its accuracy and applicability need to be further studied.

Post time: Jun-21-2021