Clinical application of immunogold technique

Immunogold technique is a technique which uses colloidal gold as a tracer and takes highly specific antigen-antibody reaction of immunology as the basis of the reaction.

Because the preparation of the marker is simple and convenient, the method is sensitive and specific, and it does not require the use of radionuclide, or enzyme chromogenic substrates with potential carcinogens, nor Fluorescence microscope, and the application of immunogold rapid diagnostic technique in clinical diagnosis, can effectively improve the quality of clinical diagnosis, and gradually developed into an effective way of clinical testing.

Immunogold technique

The basic principle of the colloidal gold method is to take colloidal gold as a marker, react with specific antigen and antibody, and amplify the immune response system with colored colloidal gold particles during the reaction time, thus provides the accurate examination result for the clinical more comprehensively.

Immunogold detection methods are divided into qualitative and quantitative detection. In qualitative testing, the development and application of immunogold filtration assay (DIGFA) and immunochromatographic assay (GICA) are very mature, and the two methods have become the most commonly used methods in the field diagnosis because of their simple operation, fast results and high sensitivity. Quantitative detection is based on semi-quantitative detection, using optical sensors to scan the strips of cellulose nitrate film, and through the standard curve, the results of the calculation of Quantitative analysis.

Immunogold technique-01

At present, the development of immuno-colloidal gold technique is becoming more and more mature. In clinical diagnosis, the correct choice can be made according to different kinds and purposes of detection. This detection technology is convenient and fast, can provide clinical diagnostic data in a short time, high detection rate, good diagnostic effect, on patients with disease diagnosis and treatment can have a positive impact, it is worth in clinical detection and application.

Post time: Jun-16-2021